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Careers’ Fairs 2016

On Wednesday 9 March, Harrow International School Hong Kong, in conjunction with its parents and teachers association Friends of Harrow, held its third Careers Fair for students in Years 10-13. Students were able to speak to a variety of delegates that represented a broad variety of professions. The feedback from both students and professionals was extremely positive and most people felt the new format was an improvement. There was a move away from the ‘seminar’ format of previous years to a ‘speed dating’ format that meant students could speak and listen to a wider range of people about their careers. 

There were 19 different career groups represented from traditional professions such as Law, Finance and Medicine to more diverse offerings such as Media, Technology, Public Relations and Fashion Design. The School looks forward to developing this event even more in the future. We are now working with Friends of Harrow on the Summer work placement scheme.