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Harrow Hong Kong Students Score High in the World Scholar’s Cup

Harrow Hong Kong students outperformed regional participants in largest ever regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup. The World Scholar’s Cup is an American based academic competition, which included debating, writing, individual and team multiple choice tests. The competition required knowledge of Art & Music, History, Literature, Science, Social Studies and this year’s special area Crime & Justice. All four school teams are qualified for the Global Round in Bangkok.

Junior Division

Team 225 – Katrina Tse (Y9, Smith), Rocco Jiang (Y9, Nightingale), Mei Law (Y9, Tutt) came second in the collaborative writing round.

Senior Division

Team 290 – Steven Liu Y9 (Y9, Waterman), Judy Jiang (Y10, Smith), Sherry Long (Y10, Smith) all won da Vinci awards for being all-rounded scholars.

Team 289 – Howard Hall (Y13, Waterman), Angela Ng (Y10, Tutt), Valerie Chiu (Y12, Smith) came 2nd in the collaborative writing round, with all three gaining medals for individual writing.

Team 288 – Agnes Fung (Y13, Smith), Madeleine Duperouzel (Y13, Ward), Benjamin Wang (Y11, Nightingale) came 6th in the Scholar’s Bowl, 3rd in Team Debate, 5th in the Collaborative Writing and 13th in the Scholar’s Challenge. All three students won medals for individual writing and debating.