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Harrow Hong Kong’s First Senior and Prep School Celebration of Learning Days

Creating crystals in Chemistry; becoming a C major composer in Music; constructing a panoply of pipe cleaners in Art; becoming a powerful polyglot in Foreign Languages; painting interpretations of poetry in English; discovering what on earth happened to those 13th century skeletons in History; prying apart the human soul in Drama; dissecting a kidney in Biology: empathising with those affected by global warming in Geography; arguing about whether torture is ever justified in PRS; hotly debating the causes of WW2 in History; solving mind-boggling codes in Maths; learning how to be Lionel Messi in PE; and so much more.

The first Senior and Prep School Celebration of Learning Days took place on Thursday 4 February, and Friday 19 February respectively. We hoped the experience would provide parents with further insight into what and how their children are learning at Harrow Hong Kong, thus enabling them to better support their child’s academic development. We also believed that this experience would empower our students as it offered them the chance to take their parents on a very personal and interactive learning journey.

The atmosphere on both days was jubilant and purposeful, as our students led their parents to a variety of subjects in which they undertook a range of subject-specific activities, as well as attending talks on IGCSE options and life at university. It was pleasing to witness parents and students eagerly gnawing away at the various academic bones thrown out by the departments.

All in all, a true celebration of learning!