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Teamwork, endurance and a deep sense of charitable service were the order of the day as 64 Harrow Hong Kong pupils braved the Hong Kong 24 Hour Race on 2 December, supporting an end to worldwide slavery.

The Harrow contingent joined other fundraisers in developing awareness to help prevent human trafficking.

Harrow Hong Kong’s eight teams of eight pupils – the biggest delegation from the School to date – took part in the gruelling relay race place around Lugard Road on Victoria Peak, and achieved a well-deserved third place in the category of ‘Fastest School’.

The generosity of the Harrow community also led to the School being named in first place as the ‘Highest Fundraising School’, with its pupils raising HKD 187,636 (excluding offline donations) out of the event total of HKD 1,112,459. The Harrow Girls C Team, led by Mimi Li, raised the highest amount of all teams entered at HKD 44,674.

Miss. N Woodroffe, Deputy Head Extra-Curricular and External Affairs, congratulated the pupils on their impressive showing: “The Harrow Hong Kong pupils can be rightly proud of their achievements, both in the race itself and in the fundraising stakes for this very important cause which they were hugely passionate about.”

Miss Woodroffe continued: “The Harrow community spirit was truly out in force with pupils, parents and staff all working together to support each other throughout the race.”

Special thanks must go to Mrs Otten and all the parents who helped organise and aid the Harrow Hong Kong runners at the event, as well as staff members Mr. Berner, Mr. Lloyd, and Mr and Mrs. Nightingale for their practical and pastoral support.

The Harrow Hong Kong teams (with links to fundraising pages):

Harrow Boys A

Ollie (Leader, Y12 Sun)

Harwood (Y12, Sun)

James (Y13, Peel)

Ravi (Y12, Peel)

Harry (Y12, Churchill)

Ben (Y10, Churchill)

Sandy (Y10, Sun)

Pierce (Y11, Sun)

Harrow Girls A

Milly (Leader, Y11 Gellhorn)

Anika (Y11, Gellhorn)

Ella (Y11, Gellhorn)

Sharon (Y13, Keller)

Maya (Y12, Keller)

Poppy (Y10, Wu)

Melody Cheung (Y12, Keller)

Vanessa Heung (Y12, Wu)

Harrow Mixed A

Simon (Y12, Churchill)

Pim (Y12, Churchill)

Dion (Y12, Peel)

Suki (Leader, Y13, Gellhorn)

Elizabeth (Y12, Gellhorn)

Jamila (Y10, Keller)

Sami (Y11, Churchill)

Louis (Y11, Sun)

Harrow Girls B

Joelle (Leader, Y12, Gellhorn)

Anna (Y10, Gellhorn)

June (Y12, Keller)

Antoinette (Y12, Gellhorn)

Nicole (Y12, Gellhorn)

Cisy Ye (Y12, Gellhorn)

Anni (Y10, Keller)

Jasmine (Y12, Keller)

Harrow Boys B

Jason (Leader, Y13 Sun)

Justin (Y13, Sun)

Regan (Y13, Sun)

Daniel (Y12, Churchill)

Cooper (Y10, Churchill)

Singha (Y13, Sun)

Jeromy (Y12, Sun)

Harrow Mixed B

Ricky (Leader, Y13, Churchill)

Vincent (Y12, Churchill)

Aryan (Y12, Peel)

Matthew (Y11, Churchill)

Edsard (Y11, Peel)

Ethan (Y12, Sun)

Michelle (Y10, Keller)

Katherine (Y10, Keller)

Harrow Girls C

Mimi (Leader, Y12, Gellhorn)

Easter (Y12, Gellhorn)

Annie (Y12, Gellhorn)

Hoi Yau (Y12, Gellhorn)

Jessica (Y12, Gellhorn)

Jodie (Y12, Gellhorn)

Jenny (Y12, Gellhorn)

Shirley (Y12, Keller)

Harrow Boys C

Scott (Y10, Sun)

Hugo (Y10, Churchill)

Andrew (Y13, Sun)

Leo (Y13, Sun)

Andrew (Leader, Y12, Churchill)

Douglass (Y12, Peel)

Barnaby (Y10, Sun)

James (Y12, Sun)