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Harrow Hong Kong is proud to present David Livingston as the next Speaker’s Forum guest on Wednesday 6 December.

Mr Livingston was abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army to become a child soldier when he was a pupil at a school in Uganda.

After six months, he managed to escape and moved far from the area, hoping to rebuild his life. He set up a new life in Kampala, the capital city, far from the troubled area in the north.

In time, he was asked to return to that war-torn region to help serve his people.  

He now serves people living in the camps that were set up for safety, including starting schools.

All pupils, staff and parents are welcome to attend Mr Livingston’s compelling talk.

Date: Wednesday 6 December

Time: 5.30pm

Location: 5F MPR, Harrow Hong KongFor further information, or if parents wish to offer future Speaker’s Forum opportunities, please contact Ms. Nikki Woodroffe, Deputy Head Extra Curricular and External Relationships.