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Harrow Hong Kong’s First Thank You Auntie Day

The Lower School of Harrow Hong Kong organised the School’s first Thank you Auntie Day on 17 May 2017. In a heartwarming gesture, students of different year groups invited their ‘Aunties’, also known as domestic helpers, to join their classes, and together they created personalised Thank You cards and gifts such as bracelets, flowers, pictures and decorated pots for plants. They enjoyed snacks together and in an assembly, sang a specially written song to their Aunties. All students have been talking with their teachers about the important role domestic helpers play in so many of their lives.  In the process, students learned important values such as respect, appreciation and graciousness and that to be ‘Leaders for a Better World’ we need to show humble leadership, to thank others who contribute to our lives and to be aware that how we treat others can be a factor in how we ourselves are considered.