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ISTA Artist in Residence

Harrow Hong Kong Drama students enjoyed working with a visiting ISTA Artist in Residence this week. Fenella Kelly visited the school for three days to run devising workshops with Drama students ranging from Years 6-11. Students played with different genres of theatre during these workshops and learnt to experiment with new devising techniques. On top of the workshops, all of Year 5 took part in a two hour Greek Theatre workshop with Fenella and produced some brilliant pieces of theatre.

On Monday evening, Fenella ran a Katakahli workshop which included the use of traditional costumes and props. Kathakali evolved from early temple art forms in the 17th century; it is a highly charged, powerful type of drama that combines devotion, drama, dance and music to produce one of the most impressive forms of sacred theatre in the world. GCSE students really enjoyed the 90 minute workshop.

Year 11 students spent the day with Fenella on Tuesday in preparation for their upcoming practical exam. They learnt lots of new practical techniques and got their creative juices thoroughly flowing. Their devising work stemmed from various stimuli from Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ to a more modern play, ‘Black Out’.

Students who took part in Fenella’s workshops had a truly creative and enjoyable experience.