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Literature Live 2016

Where else in one evening can you watch scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Great Expectations, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a satirical version of Lord of the Flies and a debate between James Bond and Harry Potter? On Wednesday 20 January, over 200 students were involved in the most spectacular production of Literature Live so far, displaying verve, variety and quality throughout the evening.

The show was a great chance for everyone to see the excellent work being done by Harrow Hong Kong students in their English lessons. It was a celebration of all things English, such as the importance of precision of language in The Model United Nations and its impact on promoting peace and stability around the world; the way that language can make us laugh and entertain each other; and the way that language can challenge preconceived ideas and broaden our understanding of the world.

Many thanks to everyone that supported the event, from the technical team making last minute adjustments with the light and sound to the catering team supplying plenty of packed lunches during extra rehearsals.

It was apparent that all the performers derived great satisfaction from seeing their work develop from tentative ideas to polished final performances. Another rewarding aspect of the event was the number of participating students who had never previously performed on the big stage at School. Everyone delivered their work with gusto, and their enthusiasm was infectious on the audience. As many parents commented afterwards: “We can’t wait to see next year’s show!” Congratulations to everyone involved.