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Nazi Holocaust Survivor Dov Landau Talks for Remembrance Day 2016

On Wednesday 4 May, to mark this year’s United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Day, Harrow International School Hong Kong was honoured to welcome Mr Dov Landau to Harrow Hong Kong to speak to students and staff about his own experiences of the Holocaust. Mr Landau spoke about his experiences as a teenager in the Jewish Ghettos created by the Nazis in Poland. He escaped with his father after his Mother and siblings were taken away by SS officers, but they were later recaptured and processed to concentration camps.

Mr Landau survived the horrors and unimaginable hardships of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.The most challenging part to hear of Mr Landau’s talk was his description of the notorious ‘death march’ of concentration camp prisoners. Students in attendance displayed great maturity throughout, as well as asking thoughtful and considered questions.

This was a unique and challenging experience for all students and staff but an invaluable one. All in attendance were in awe of Mr Landau’s courage, compassion and kindness. Mr Fleming, who organised the talk, would like to thank Mr Landau again for giving up his valuable time to visit the school.