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Lower School Languages Assembly

On 16 June, parents, teachers and students were treated to a wonderfully diverse performance in French and Spanish from our Lower School students. Over 130 students from Years 1-4 were involved. In Spanish, our youngest Year 1 students started and ended the performance with two songs Hablo Español and Adiós, demonstrating great confidence and enthusiasm for the language. Year 2, masked as dogs, cats and horses, sang their hearts out with their animal song Me gusta, which led appropriately into the next section of the assembly. Year 3 displayed their marvellous projects about their favourite animals, and demonstrated in Spanish how they asked key questions to reveal their animal’s habitat and background. The Spanish section ended with a great performance from Year 4 of a Whodunnit mystery play. The students performed with fun and humour to create a very entertaining sketch entirely in Spanish. The French section was equally as impressive, kicking off with a wonderful song from Year 1 Bonjour Mes Amis. Year 2 then demonstrated a fine example of their play La Poule Maboule, an adaptation of the Chicken Little story. This has been taught via a new, total immersion, gestured-based teaching method, clearly with great success. The students spoke confidently and fluently to produce a wonderful performance. Year 1 students have also been learning the same play and demonstrated their talents with a fun song and dance. Last but not least, the audience were treated to a lavish display of singing and dancing from Year 3 with J’aime Les Fruits and Les Couleurs. We were all very proud of every student that took part to perform with such confidence in front of such a large audience. It was truly a great display of the linguistic talent within the Lower School and the enthusiasm and love of learning languages that we are developing from such an early age. Lower School Languages Assembly