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Practicing Essential Life Skills in the Classroom: 7 Key Areas to Focus On

Lessons in school typically focus on subjects like mathematics and languages, which are important skills to learn. However, just as important as academic skills are the day-to-day skills people need to have a happy and healthy life.

For example, we need to learn how to work with others, and strong communication skills can be essential for career progression. As such, it is important for children to start learning such skills from a young age, and Harrow International School HK is one of the best places to learn.

Here is a brief look at how we aim to give our students important life skills as well as academic qualifications. 

1. Socialising

Humans are a very social species and school is one of the best places for children to learn social skills. Some people might even argue that social skills are the most important of all as getting on with others can help ensure a happy and prosperous life.

* House Competitions instil a sense of fellowship and community amongst our pupils

There is no better place to learn important social skills than at Harrow International School. Not only do we recruit the best teachers, but your children will also get to meet other children from across the world, offering a wide range of experiences. 

In addition to learning in the classroom, Harrow International School HK also organizes excursions and events that will further help your child learn the people skills they need in adulthood. We also organize group events that encourage children to interact and coordinate with others. 

2. Critical Thinking

One of the most important aspects of education is to teach children critical thinking skills. This means the ability to digest information and process it so they can find answers and make appropriate decisions. 

Strong critical thinking skills can help your children professionally and socially when they reach adulthood. Tuition is structured to motivate your children to exercise these nascent skills in order to have the best possible start. 

At Harrow International School HK, we aim to develop critical thinking skills by giving students tasks that encourage them to analyse problems and come up with a solution. And critical thinking tasks are not only highly educational, but they can also be a lot of fun, encouraging the student to think more. 

3. Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is one of the most important skills that any child or adult can have. Otherwise, they might struggle professionally and socially, and potentially find themselves in difficult situations. However, those with strong self-discipline are more likely to be successful and live a happy life. 

At Harrow International School HK, we help instil a sense of self-discipline in our students throughout their time with us. For example, we will arrange activities where children have to wait their turn, while we also expect children to maintain high standards regarding tidiness and routine. 

Our students leave school well prepared to take on any task, with a strong sense of self-discipline that helps ensure they reach their potential. 

4. Accepting Challenges

In order to reach our full potential, it is often necessary to move out of your comfort zone and take on a new task. However, doing so is easier said than done and many people will feel uncomfortable taking on new challenges.

At Harrow International School HK, we encourage our students to move out of their comfort zone and accept new challenges. This will help them manage apprehension early on and help make them more resilient emotionally should the outcome is less than expected. 

*Upper School Ensembles Concert

A key method of giving children the courage to accept new challenges is to encourage them regardless of the results. While it can be productive to point out where they went wrong, you can then tell them what they did right and encourage them to try again.

They will become more likely to accept new challenges and develop their careers and personal lives in adulthood. And the more challenges your children overcome, the more they will learn overall. 

5. Handling Emotions

We will all experience times when things do not go according to plan, or perhaps when somebody has upset us. There is little we can do to avoid negative experiences, but we can help children cope with such experiences better. 

One way to help children deal with their emotions is to coax them to discuss their issues with a view to helping them deal with the situation. Skilled adults can also help children keep calm and process their emotions, helping them come to a suitable solution.

At Harrow International School HK, our teachers understand that young people still need to learn to manage their emotions and will help them accordingly. We aim for our students to leave prepared to face the various challenges and disappointments they will inevitably face with confidence. 

6. Self-Expression

Everybody is different both physically and psychologically and it is best if children learn to express themselves at a young age. They should ideally be encouraged to express their feelings and wishes and there are numerous ways of doing so.

For example, while talking with others is an effective method of self-expression, so are activities like drawing, acting and making music. At Harrow International School HK, we ensure our students have the support they need to express themselves and encourage them to be proud of who they are. 

This approach can be more effective for pupils if other children and adults around them are also expressing themselves and we encourage them to do so where possible. We help to bring the best out of our students’ personalities, helping them become well rounded adults. 

7. Acknowledging Different Perspectives

Adults will face numerous different perspectives in their lives as they meet people from around the world and from all walks of life. Here at Harrow International School HK, our students are exposed to different perspectives almost on a daily basis.

*Happy World Maths Day

Being able to see situations from different points of view will help people deal with various scenarios and come up with appropriate solutions. And the more perspectives they’re exposed to, the more likely your child will have the answer to whichever problem they are facing. 

Harrow International School HK has students from around the globe, each coming from different backgrounds and walks of life. As such, our students get to experience working with different perspectives from a young age, which will help them in adult life. 


Children will typically learn many of the skills above as they interact with other people, including their peers. However, that does not mean to say that adults are unable to enhance their learning, and the team at Harrow International School HK aims to teach our students the life skills they need. 

Our teachers and other staff will often encourage students to work together, giving them essential communication skills. Overall, our aim is for our students to leave school prepared for adult life with the right skills in addition to the right qualifications.