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Teacher Qualifications and Experience at British International Schools

British International Schools are typically privately owned schools that teach the British curriculum. They are suited for British expatriates working overseas who wish to provide their children with a British education within an environment which reflects their own way of life. 

These schools are also appealing to other families because of their deserved prestigious reputation, partly because the British education system is seen as one of the best in the world. It is also a helpful way of preparing students wishing to further their studies in the UK at a later date as these schools will provide an environment where they can familiarize themselves with the culture and etiquette of the UK. 

*Mr. Alastair Land, Head Teacher at Harrow School in the UK visiting Harrow International School Hong Kong

Harrow International School offers the highest standards of education wherever we are located, with several schools in the region. While fees vary, private education is out of the financial reach of many, with most going to a state school instead.

International schools like Harrow International School HK are very well equipped, and commensurately, the teaching staff are also well experienced and qualified to carry out their duties. The main criteria for our teaching staff are described broadly under the following headings.   


The entry level at Harrow HK for our teachers is an appropriate teaching degree, further supported by any other necessary qualifications specific to their role. 

In addition to having the appropriate academic qualifications, international schools are also likely to require relevant practical experience. In many cases, a minimum of 2 years teaching experience is expected. 

The specific requirements vary from school to school as well as the position offered and these will be tailored for each post so that prospective applicants are aware of the criteria required for the job

Work and Personal History

Academic qualifications are essential  to work in international schools, together with meaningful work experience. As with other professional roles, references from previous employers will also be sought. Additionally, as teaching posts are by their very nature involved with close proximity with children, it will be necessary to carry out checks with the appropriate child protection authority. 

Here at Harrow International School HK, we recruit only those teachers that have an exemplary working history. We look for those that have a history of getting results and developing strong relationships with students and school staff.  

International Experience

Living and working in a foreign country can be difficult for some people. Some will need to be around friends and family, while others might struggle to adjust to the climate, food, culture, and a wide range of other reasons.

As such, some international schools may prefer candidates who already have experience living and teaching overseas. However, those without international experience still have every chance of success provided they have a strong track record and excellent qualifications.

English Speaking

International schools usually expect all students and staff to speak English, making it an essential requirement. The schools also usually expect a high standard of spoken English that only native speakers will usually have. However non-native English speakers who can still speak English to a high standard may still be considered for some roles.


Teaching can be a fun and fulfilling role, giving you the opportunity to see the world and meet wonderful people from around the globe. However, it can also be very demanding, and some people may have difficulties settling in a different country.

* Mr. Tom Carter, Teacher of Chemistry & Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator who participated in the #rolexchinasearace2023

Accordingly, we will thoroughly vet candidates to help ensure they have the right personality attributes for the role. In addition to impressive qualifications and work history, we also expect our teachers to be thoroughly professional and prepared for the challenges ahead. 


Overall, you should expect to meet high standards when applying to most international schools. You will also be expected to maintain those high standards throughout your time at the school. 

For people living overseas for the first time, there are numerous other challenges to overcome in a strange land. However, those that do meet the standards will have a bright and rewarding future ahead of them. 

Working in an international school provides you with the opportunity to live and experience life in different countries, helping you experience new cultures and see some wonderful sights. International school teachers will also work with people from a range of cultures, helping them learn new things.