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Seven-Year-Old Girl Wins Three Regional Skating Medals

 On the weekend of 7-8 November 2015, Logan Higase-Chen (Y2AM) along with her coach Sunny Man from The Rink (Elements) joined the highest intermediate level of the 2015 ISI Skate Hong Kong Competition.

 Facing over a thousand skaters, in 22 teams from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Beijing, Chiangmai, Hangzhou, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei and Wuhan, Logan, who is only a seven-year-old young girl had no fear but determination to win.

 She delighted the judges with her beautiful movements and won three gold medals in Freestyle Solo (ISI Level 3, age 7), Pairs Jump Spin (ISI Levels 1-3, ages 6-7) and Speed Racing (age 7).

 Next year she will be progressing to the advanced levels.

 Logan puts in a great deal of effort to her sport and practises hard several times each week. Her class teacher, Mrs McQueen, and the Head of Lower School, Mrs Gower, are tremendously proud of her.