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Harrow Hong Kong is proud to have lined up humanitarian Jordan Hattar as the next guest at its inspirational Speaker’s Forum series.

Mr. Hattar, 25, is a director of A Master’s graduate in International Relations from the University of Cambridge, he went on to work with Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher initiative in the White House from September 2016-January 2017 following his degree.

He has since been speaking full time in schools around the world, delivering a message of compassion, empathy and service in over 140 presentations across more than 25 countries.

In Mr. Hattar’s presentation he shares Syrian refugee stories and tries to put a human touch to the refugee crisis.

But more than that, his message is about empathy, compassion, and how to treat those that perceived as ‘different’ than us.

Pupils, parents and staff are invited to hear Mr. Hattar’s fascinating insights. 

Date: Wednesday 17 January 2018

Time: 5.30pm

Location: 5F MPR, Harrow Hong KongFor further information, or if parents wish to offer future Speaker’s Forum opportunities, please contact Ms. Nikki Woodroffe, Deputy Head Extra Curricular and External Relationships.