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Why boarding might be a good choice for you and your family

Parents are faced with a broad range of factors when it comes to deciding on which school is best suited for their child. This article looks at some factors which should be considered together with the separate and individual circumstances of each family.

One factor might be a broad one, such as whether or not a boarding school might be more suitable than attending as a day pupil, or something more specific such as which school ethos and/or its academic achievements might be more preferable.

Harrow International School Hong Kong has been structured and developed from the proven success of its parent school, founded in 1572, in England where the virtues of good manners and civility go hand in hand with academic studies, the availability of extra-curricular activities and the nurturing of a healthy sporting attitude. It is with these values in mind that help to prepare its pupils when they eventually leave the school, better equipped to embrace their futures.

Students at boarding schools will inevitably be in a significantly more immersive learning experience, not only in terms of academic studies and social development, which incorporate aspects like how to relate to others beyond the familiarity of their immediate family. The circumstance of being separate from family also provides more room for personal development and self reliance, but strangely enough, within a larger family group!

The difference between boarding and day school will be explored first and the school’s vision, overarching the subject of day attendance or boarding, is touched on towards the end of this article.

A holistic environment

The Harrow House System has its own structure beyond the day school time table. Whilst most of the academic study takes place over the school day, interspersed with sports and other extra-curricular activities, students at boarding school retire to their respective houses where they still have support at hand from their house master and tutors should they wish to pursue further enquiry or study, all within a safe and stable environment, and with minimal distraction.

Apart from this academic support, boarders are also able to continue with projects and recreation with their fellows, thus maintaining a balance between study and recreational activities.

A caring environment for personal development

The boarding schools have appropriately trained, qualified and experienced staff to ensure that the pastoral welfare of boarders is well provided for. Parents can be assured that their child will be in safe hands with guidance provided by house masters and their support team. There is also parental involvement and representation through various liaison groups, so any issues that occur will be discussed constructively with a view to resolving these concerns. 

This environment nurtures the development of students collectively and as individuals, with the availability of a wide range of recreational and extra-curricular and sporting activities to explore and stretch their abilities in whatever activity is desired. 

These formative years at Harrow will endow a sense of belonging to a group, nurturing the development of associated skills such as collaborative teamwork.

Exposure to other cultures

People from different backgrounds, cultures and indeed races will also be fellow boarders, which can also be said of staff members. This aspect presents yet another rare opportunity for your child to meet and relate with others beyond their home environment. In general, this early exposure broadens the minds of boarders and creates an awareness and understanding of other cultures. On an individual level, it gives your child an opportunity to make international friendships that could extend well into their adult life.

 Social skills

Boarders are brought up in an atmosphere of traditional English values and custom; this will endow them with the confidence in conducting themselves in any social situation in the modern world where first impressions still matter.  

The school’s values and ethos will stand pupils in good stead in preparing them to take their place in society, and to contribute to and be recognized for their talent and dedication in adult life.  


Whilst the school recognizes that its boarding House System provides a most complete environment for the welfare and development of each and every boarder, it may be that some families may feel that day attendance is better suited for their particular circumstance. 

Regardless of whichever option is preferable, parents should note that Harrow International School HK continues to maintain an enviable reputation in terms of excellent benchmark GCSE and A level results. These go towards improving the prospect on gaining admission to the world’s top universities and institutions in order to further their education.

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