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Why Summer camps are an excellent choice for you and your child

Harrow International School Hong Kong with its sound educational philosophy and teacher-pupil relationship, offers summer camp enrichment activities for pupils during the summer break between June and August. These activities include golf, tennis, basketball, adventure, arts and music. They provide an educational fun excursion away from home for children ages 8 to 16. 

The safe environment of summer camps allows for socializing, having fun and learning in a relaxed atmosphere away from any pressures of regular school hours. A cooperative learning environment encourages pupils to work together on assigned tasks. Usually in small groups. And share their findings and solutions through critical thinking and discussions with their peers in the group.

The summer camp activities

Leadership – Provides a challenge for pupils and the opportunity to develop leadership skills from an early age. Gain more confidence working in teams and appreciating other opinions. Leadership also encourages the ability to take on responsibility and to communicate more effectively in identifying and solving problems.

Adventure – The fun and excitement of going on an adventure are always appealing and popular with pupils. It provides an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, learn new things, grow personally, and broaden their mind. Excursions often involve overseas travel to popular destinations. 

Some examples of past excursions include a Vietnam history trip, Japan art/ski trips, a Fuji adventure trip, a Madagascar adventure and service, and many more.

Sports – Pupils have a choice to register in different sporting activities such as golf, tennis, football and basketball. These activities are delivered by professional sports stars providing excellent tuition to pupils. 

Harrow International School, utilizes the PGA Learning Centers for the golf program, the Five Star tennis academy, the Five Star Basketball Academy, and the AC Milan Football Academy.

Experience boarding school life

Accommodation is provided for campers in the fully serviced houses on the Harrow Campuses.  Harrow has 10 locations in the Southeast Asia region located in Hong Kong, China and Bangkok Thailand. Only 100 pupils per camp, per week, are accepted.

On Campus, living provides the opportunity for day school pupils to experience boarding school life at Harrow. Circumstances may change in the future when you need to send your child to boarding school. This brief period of stay during the camp gives a glimpse into life as a boarder.

Interaction and self-confidence

Children develop self-confidence and make new friends while learning important life and social skills. While some children are shy, they have the opportunity to open up and interact in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Interaction becomes easier with others when children participate in an activity that interests them. They learn more about themselves and others in this environment. The interaction with staff and peers helps to build lasting relationships and they become more independent and responsible.

Experiences and memories from summer camp

Summer camps are a great way to ensure kids are learning while having fun. From sports to art to science, there are camps for different age groups and interests. 

Whether it’s for a week or a full summer, these camps provide children with experiences, memories and skills that will last a lifetime. They will gain more self-confidence and independence and form meaningful lasting relationships with their peers. The earlier in life they learn to become independent the better.