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Year 5 Theatrical Production – Mystery At Magpie Manor

One of the showbiz highlights of Harrow Hong Kong’s annual calendar is the Year 5 theatrical production and this year’s performance of Mystery at Magpie Manor was undoubtedly bigger and brighter than ever before. Set in the 1920s, the play revolves around a stolen piece of valuable silverware, a dysfunctional family facing financial ruin and a host of shady characters who are all possible suspects.

Every part of the production was highly professional, from the superb acting and singing, to the backdrops and lighting. All 95 students in Year 5 graced the stage and were clearly immensely proud of all of the effort and endeavour they displayed leading up to the performance.

The most obvious thing to all of the audience members who were present was just how much the students enjoyed being up on the stage, performing for their friends and families. This was a night that the students will remember for a long time, and rightfully so; they will no doubt go on to do amazing things in Drama as they progress through the School.