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Lower School ‘Make a Difference’ ECA Clothing Drive

At the start of this term the children in the Lower School ‘Make a Difference’ ECA group decided on a clear plan of action. They wanted to do something to prevent waste from harming the environment and also help children around the world who weren’t as advantaged as themselves.

After an inspiring visit to the local charity Crossroads Foundation they landed upon the idea to organise a children’s clothing drive which would help to both reduce textile waste and also, through the charity’s redistribution facility, give children in need around the world clothes to wear.

After receiving a clear and informative assembly pitch from the group, the Lower School children passionately collected an incredible amount of unwanted clothes from their homes and filled 23 enormous bags to the brim with their donations. These were then taken by the group down to be received by the grateful staff at Crossroads.

This was an overwhelming effort by the Harrow International School community and one that has certainly made a difference to all involved!