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Year 6 Culture Walk

On Wednesday 16 March the Year 6 students took part in a Geography field trip exploring the culture of the local area and developing their geographical skills.

Year 6 have been studying the physical and human geography of China and this Culture Walk field trip culminated in visits to local markets in Yan Oi and Sam Shing which allowed students to experience the authentic street life of modern Hong Kong. Students were fascinated by the smells, sounds and tastes they witnessed that stimulated all of their senses, as well as the plethora of colourful and eye-catching fruits, vegetables, street food and strange and unusual items they spotted for sale.

During the walk to the markets, along the MacLehose Trail, students were encouraged to observe the natural and man-made landscape around them and describe what they saw and heard. We then paused at a wonderful vantage point along the trail where students were encouraged to develop their fieldwork skills by completing a sketch of the vista spread before them.

Once the students had refueled at the local markets, we then walked back to school along the beach that proved a pleasing contrast to the frantic hustle and bustle of the markets.

This half-day trip allowed students to gather new and valuable experiences outside of the classroom and to deepen their understanding of the current Year 6 topic of study. Overall, it was a very enjoyable field trip for all involved.