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Years 3-5 Camps

 Year 5

 The Year 5 students had a wonderful four days on camp, battling through the elements at times and showing resilience and patience as they adapted to last minute changes in plans due to unexpected weather conditions. On 6 October, 72 students started their week on Wong Yi Chau island in Sai Kung Country Park, a beautiful location where the students were able to explore the bay in kayaks. Day 2 arrived with a flurry of excitement and a patter of rain so the students took part in a series of indoor team building activities. 

 The next stop was Pak Sha O in Sai Kung Country Park where the students had a wonderful two days of activities. A definite highlight was ‘Bang the Gong’, where the students hoisted their peers up into the trees attached by ropes. A wonderful afternoon was spent hiking through Hoi Ha Marine Park, learning about the conservation in the park and exploring the beautiful beach.

 On the last evening there was a Year 5 Talent Show with different groups competing against each other before a final night of sleeping in tents. Overall, the Year 5 teachers were extremely proud of the students for showing positivity and enthusiasm throughout and working incredibly well with their peers.

 Year 4

 The well anticipated Year 4 camp commenced on a wet, windy Wednesday on 7 October. However, the wet weather did not dampen the students’ spirits as all of the children arrived at school with smiles on their faces and an enthusiasm to get on the bus and travel to Tung Tze Scout Centre.

 The weather soon improved and the children took part in dragon boating, jetty jumping and team games. The students embraced their new independence as they prepared their own meals, lay their own beds, took responsibility for their own luggage and spent the night camping in a tent. Every child welcomed the camping experience and demonstrated a wonderful attitude towards new adventures and challenges. All of the students participated with enthusiasm, politeness, understanding and consideration for their peers. Students should remember the camping experience with a rewarding sense of pride as everyone demonstrated wonderful, caring and thoughtful qualities throughout the three days away from home.

 Year 3

 After a week of inclement weather, the Year 3 students felt lucky to wake up to clear blue skies. On 8 October, 72 very excited students boarded the buses and wound up the hill to Mount Davis.  They were greeted at the Youth Hostel by the very energetic and welcoming APA staff. The students were organised into their groups and created team names, mottos and rules. This was followed by team building games and a historical walk.

 At 4pm the great excitement of access to the dorm rooms started and the students enjoyed the challenge of making their beds and tucking in their teddies. The highlight for many of the groups was the evening campfire where breadsticks were cooked.

 On the second day, the students took part in the Star Challenge and raced around various activities collecting rewards for their team. The competition was close, but Team 6A just got the edge and won some sweet treats.

 As the youngest year at Harrow Hong Kong to attend a camp, the students displayed great maturity and responsibility. It was an enriching experience for all.