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Languages Northern Championships

Our  students have been engaged in an intense and exciting competition for the last ten days – the Language Perfect Northern Championships. The effort that they have collectively put into this competition has taken us to the leading position in Hong Kong out of five schools and 14th position overall out of 117 schools in the Northern hemisphere.

In order to score points, our students have had to answer foreign language questions correctly and a total of 112 students will be receiving Gold, Silver, Bronze and Credit Awards for scoring over 500 points on the course of the 10 days. This year, Josiah Wu (Y8, Morris), will also be receiving an Elite award, which only 90 students in the world have managed to achieve after answering over 30000 questions correctly. He has finished in 67th position overall out of more than 14000 students. Audrey Yuen, (Y6, Matthews), and Danial Khan (Y6, Morris), follow him in second and third position respectively.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience and we are looking forward to the World Championships in May 2016.