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Year 3 Camp

On 21-22 November, the excitement in Year 3 was almost tangible as the students prepared for their overnight trip to Mount Davis. Students arrived to glorious weather and were greeted by very enthusiastic members of camp tutors. Collaborative activities began almost immediately after and students were engrossed in fun-filled team building events for the following two days, including building a shelter, exploring nature, finding their way out of the invisible maze and crossing an imaginary river one rock at a time. After organising dorms and dressing their beds almost independently, students gathered around a smouldering campfire to cook bread dough on sticks. The following day the groups had to solve as many star challenges as they could within a given time. They rushed around doing tasks and collecting points and then the winning teams were announced. The students were proud of their achievements at camp and are already looking forward to another exhilarating experience at next year’s camp.